About PrepWizard

PrepWizard was created in 2018 to fill the gap we recognized at the store level with restaurant food prep labeling. In our design, we had three big goals in mind:

(1) Save significant labor costs on the time consuming prep label task (2) Improve expiration date accuracy by automating the process (3) Price the system at a rate low enough for labor savings to pay for the investment in less than six months.

Since that time, thousands of restaurants from hundreds of independents and most of the national brands have launched PrepWizard in their restaurants and are now enjoying these benefits.

At the store level, the user response has been incredible and confirmed we are exceeding our goals. Literally, here are some of the responses we hear:

“PrepWizard is the best tool we have in the back of our house, nothing else is even close”

“If my owner took PrepWizard away, I would pay for it out of my own pocket”

“The first time I used PrepWizard, I cried I was so happy. I hated calculating and handwriting labels everyday. It reminded me of school work.”

“I save over one hour in labor every single day that I use PrepWizard!”

One restaurant can easily save $1,500 to $3,000 annually by eliminating the agonizingly slow and boring process of handwriting labels for 50, 75 or 100 containers each day.

Moreover, you no longer have to let your food go to waste with illegible handwritten labels or miscalculated dates — PrepWizard will handle all the grunt work for your restaurant. Your team members will love you for adding this low cost tool so they can focus on other pressing matters.

Save Time & Money ($1,500+ annual savings)


Set Up Takes 5 Minutes Pre-Loaded dates in Cloud

THOUSANDS that Trust PrepWizard